STUDIES AND EXERCISES for classical and flamenco guitar – Second series



Herewith, I present to you new studies and exercises for classical and flamenco guitar to complement the previous publication, whose widespread distribution exceeded the most optimistic expectations by far.
Unlike what I had done in the first series, I now thought of creating more extensive pieces (in several cases real concert studies), with an appendix of exercises and patterns with a more didactic and technical development function. The numbering is done in a manner subsequent to the previous studies, and same as back then, they are not placed in progressive order of difficulty (arpeggios, scales, tremolos, etc.) but they do alternate in tonality and type.
I hope that this new work will be met with the same favour and interest from enthusiasts and students as the last publication.

Livio Gianola



64 pages

Study 16 (tremolo); Study 17 (arpeggio and scales), Study 18 (for the left hand), Study 19 (arpeggio), Study 20 (thumb-index finger combination), Study 21 - El Austral (arpeggio), Study 22 (arpeggio and scales), Study 23 (arpeggio), Study 24 (for the left hand), Study 25 - Mangorè (arpeggio), Exercise 11, Exercise 12, Exercise 13, Exercise 14, Exercise 15, Exercise 16, Exercise 17, Exercise 18, Exercise 19, Exercise 20

The book is available in digital version for download from this web page and contains standard notation and tabs.
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Studi ed esercizi - Seconda serie